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Is My Cat Too Fat?

Education > Cat Health & Behaviour 9th February 2019

Chubby dogs and cats may look adorable but that extra weight is not good for them.

Overweight pets tend to have breathing difficulties, joint problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney dysfunction. Even if they want to, it is tough for obese pets tp enjoy activities with us. Chubby cats may also find it difficult to groom themselves properly. Keep off those excess pounds to help our cats stay healthy, trim and happy.

Check the Body Condition Score chart to see if your dog or cat is within the healthy weight range:

  • Can you feel your cat's ribs?
  • Can you see your cat's waist from above?
  • Does your cat have a saggy tummy?

How To Help My Cat Lose Weight

  • Before you put your cat on a diet, bring them in for a health check to make sure there is no underlying medical condition. Speak with our vets about balanced diets, as well as a slow and safe weight loss programme.
  • For some cats, it may be enough to simply stop "all-day buffet feeding" and feed one or two controlled meals daily. Other cats may require a gradual change in diet. NOTE: Never starve a cat. Cats can develop hepatic lipidosis and eventually go into liver failure if they do not eat for just a couple of days.
  • If you have more than one cat, feed your overweight cat in a separate room. Make sure they cannot access the food of other cats.
  • Cut back on treats and choose low-calorie healthy treats.
  • Make your cat work for food. Try using food puzzles to encourage your cat to roll, toss and run around in order to get the food out. This also taps into their natural instinct to hunt and forage, and slows down their eating speed.
  • Create a fun and safe indoor playground for your cats. Put out cardboard boxes, tunnels, cat trees and interactive toys for them to pounce on and chase around the house.
  • If your cats are trained and comfortable on leash, take them out on daily walks to explore the neighbourhood and burn off those extra weight!