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Isabella: Eyelid Surgery

Education > Patient Stories 1st May 2019

Isabella is an adorable rescued Giant Holland Lop from House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS). She is born with badly deformed eyelids. Some parts of her eyelids fold inwards (entropion), some parts roll outwards (ectropion). Left untreated, deformed eyelids can cause great discomfort and lead to corneal ulceration, conjunctivitis or “dry eye”.

Combined entropion-ectropion is also known as “diamond eye” with a characteristic kink in the eyelid. Animals with abnormal eyelids often suffer from eye discharge, excessive tearing, conjunctivitis and pain. A painful eye tends to be held tightly shut (blepharospasm).

Dr Heng Yee Ling and senior vet tech Cary of Mount Pleasant (Farrer) preparing Isabella for surgery.

Dr Heng Yee Ling performed a delicate surgery, carefully removing excess skin to tighten and restore normal contours of the eyelids. The goal is to give Isabella a normal pain-free life.

4kg Isabella is about the size of a Shih Tzu. She has since fully recovered, and through the kind help of HRSS, found a wonderful forever home.