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Sand: Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Education > Patient Stories 1st July 2020

TAKE NOTE: The following post contains graphic pre-and-post surgery images

Sand was found lying in the middle of a road with a severe maggot-infested facial wound. His rescuer Karrina, together with a team of volunteers and supporters, made sure Sand receive the medical treatment he required urgently.

Sand was cared for at Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Gelenggang) where he was hospitalised to prepare him for a reconstructive surgery with our surgeon Dr Dennis Choi.

The first step of wound care is debridement - removing all contaminants, such as foreign material, bacteria and damaged tissue from the wound.

After several rounds of debridement and lavage, the large facial wound defect on Sand's face contained a healthy granulation tissue bed and was surgically closed by Dr Dennis Choi with the use of an angularis oris axial pattern flap.

Meticulous preparation and handling of the flap is necessary to preserve the blood supply and eliminate tension in order to maximise success. This was essential to restore comfort and protection of the affected areas of Sand’s face.

Sand recovered well from the facial reconstructive surgery and has since found a wonderful home through the team at The Sand Fund.