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Solo: Baby Red-Eared Slider

Education > Patient Stories 5th July 2019

When Terri, a female adult red-eared slider, was found walking dangerously along the road few months ago, no one knew she is soon to be Mama Terri. She enjoys basking on the rocks of her new home set up by main caregiver Yi Min.

Like many reptiles, temperature determines the gender of the hatchlings of red-eared sliders. This is known as temperature-dependent sex determination. Cooler incubation temperature produces mostly male babies while warmer temperature produces more females.

After about 60 days incubation, Baby Solo broke out of his shell using his tiny egg tooth. He then took a few more days to leave his comfy “eggy home” completely.

Like some hatchlings, he retained part of the yolk sac on his belly which was naturally absorbed with time.

It has been an amazing experience watching Baby Solo popping out of his shell. Mama Terri and Baby Solo are doing well under the care of our Mount Pleasant (East) family.